Aromatherapy Class Schedule There   are   currently   no   upcoming   classes   on   the   schedule.   I   am   working   on   the   fall   2017/2018   calendar   for   offerings and   developing   some   new   content.   The   extremely   popular   ‘Essential   Oils   &   Kids’   class   will   be   back   at   Baby   Cotton Bottoms   in   fall   2017   for   certain.   If   you   are   interested   in   scheduling   a   class   for   a   group   or   business   please   contact   me to get something set up!  Most   classes   are   held   at   Baby   Cotton   Bottoms   in   downtown   Colorado   Springs   (330   South   Nevada   Avenue,   Colorado Springs   80903,   at   the   corner   of   Nevada   and   Costilla).   Please   RSVP   as   seating   is   limited.   Reserve   your   spot   by   calling 866-77-CLOTH Please note I am not affiliated with any oil brands, all are welcome to attend! NEW   -   Online   Web   Conference   Attendance   is   now   available   for   all   classes!   If   you   can’t   find   a   sitter,   would   prefer   to lounge   in   PJs   at   home   or   are   located   outside   of   the   Colorado   Springs   area   you   can   still   attend   class!   You’ll   have   a   live stream   and   ability   to   participate   and   ask   questions.   A   PDF   of   the   informational   booklet   will   be   emailed   to   you   with login instructions prior to the class starting. Pricing for this online option is only $20 per class.
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