Clinical Aromatherapy Consultation Are   you   having   trouble   figuring   our   which   oils   you   could   benefit   from   most?   Is   research   into   oil   safety   leaving   you   with more   questions   than   answers?   Are   you   ending   up   with   wasted   oils   making   blends   that   smell   so   off   you   don’t   want   to use   them   regularly?   Let   a   Certified   Aromatherapist   with   clinical   training   solve   your   issues   and   guide   you   through   safe usage.   This   can   be   especially   helpful   for   those   who   are   pregnant   or   on   medications   and   wondering   what   their   best and safest options are in utilizing aromatherapy. As   a   Certified   Aromatherapist   and   Holistic   Health   Practitioner   Christi   will   blend   Eastern   and   Western   trainings   to create   your   custom   blend.   This   approach   utilizes   an   essential   oil   selection   process   that   accounts   for   each   essential   oil’s chemistry,   chemotype   (as   applicable),   and   known   clinical   outcomes   along   with   their   plant   and   energetic   connection   to body   parts   and   systems.   Consultations   are   available   for   anywhere   the   US   and   are   appropriate   for   all   ages.   While aromatherapy   is   no   substitute   for   medical   treatment   from   your   Doctor   it   is   an   amazing   complementary   therapy   that can work in unison with whatever your current treatment plan may be. Initial   Consultation   $60:    Every   new   client   begins   by   completing   a   health   history   form   which   includes   questions   about your   specific   goals   for   wellness   and   how   we   can   safely   incorporate   oils   into   your   current   lifestyle.   Once   I’ve   reviewed your   information   we   set   up   a   30   minute   consultation   which   can   be   done   by   phone,   skype,   or   Facebook   Messenger (your   choice).   After   that   I   will   create   a   custom   blend   specific   to   your   concerns   and   needs.   Blends   are   billed   seperately based   on   the   amount   (2ml-15ml)   and   oils   used   and   start   at   $10.   This   makes   for   a   cost   effective   solution   giving   the option   to   try   smaller   amounts   and   tweak   things   until   they   are   just   right   before   a   client   invests   in   a   larger   amount   of   a blend. The custom blend will then be safely mailed along with detailed use instructions via Priority USPS. All   members   of   your   household   are   taken   into   consideration   so   that   no   inappropriate   oils   or   methods   of   application are   used   around   the   wrong   ages   or   those   with   medical   conditions.   Ideally   we   will   work   with   one   blend   targeting several issues, but occassionally there may be seperate blends for diferent issues or methods of use. Not   looking   for   a   custom   blend   right   now?   No   worries!   Another   option   with   the   consultation   is   just   for   me   to   give   you safe   oil   suggestions   and   use   ideas.   Then   you   can   use   your   own   oils   at   home   individually   or   to   make   your   own   blends with   suggested   oils.   Follow-ups   are   always   available   after   if   you   find   you   want   a   blend   later   on,   or   have   new   questions or concerns to discuss. Follow-up   Consultation   $30:   After   an   initial   consult   and   some   time   using   your   custom   blend   you   can   opt   for   a   follow up   consultation   as-needed.   As   our   body   beging   to   heal   one   issue   sometimes   others   arise.   Or   perhaps   you’ve   been great   for   months   and   something   brand   new   needs   addressing.   Working   with   the   same   aromatherapist   allows   for continuity of care and not having to rehash your medical history or personal oil/scent preferences and outcomes. Follow-ups   include   a   30   minute   consultation   which   can   again   be   done   by   phone,   skype,   or   Facebook   Messenger   (your choice).   We   review   how   your   last   blend   worked   for   you,   any   updates   to   medical   situations   and   your   household,   and end with a new custom blend which will be mailed with instructions. Deluxe Package: Initial Consultation + 2 Follow-ups for $100 Fellow Professional Consultation: Are you a professional who uses aromatherapy in your practice? Are you looking to safetly include aromatherapy in the atmosphere of your business location? I can help! Whether you are new to oils or have been using them for years I can help you safely and effectively make oil use selections to help you accomplish wellness goals for your clients. Pricing starts at $100 for a base consultation of 45 minutes to discuss your business and wellness goals. I will provide a use and suggestion summary via email afterwards. Consultation can be done by in-person in Colorado Springs, phone, skype, or Facebook Messenger (your choice). Custom Blends starting at $10 are also available as applicable. Perfect for Doulas, Yoga Instructors, Therapy Centers, various Counselors, and more! Payments: These can be made by paypal or check. Consultation payments are due prior to scheduling the consultation, and custom blend payments are due prior to the shipment of the blend.
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