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Aromatherapy for Emotional Support Between   holidays,   daily   life,   and   healing   we   all   need   emotional   support   on   various   levels.   Sometimes   those   support needs   vary   by   day   ,or   by   the   hour   or   minute.   Essential   oils   can   be   a   wonderful   resource   and   tool   to   help   support   your emotions   and   regain   mental   clarity   lost   during   stress,   trauma,   transition,   and   daily   life.   This   class   is   divided   into   three parts to give you well rounded knowledge about oils, safe options for their use, and their potential health benefits. In    this    class    we    begin    with    Oil    Use    101   to   properly   and   safely   prepare   you   to   use   essential   oils   as   tools   for   emotional support.   Part   two   delves   into   specific   oils   and   their   potential   benefits.   Part   three   involves   ways   to   easily   use   these   oils in   every   day   life.   The   oils   we   discuss   are   present   for   you   to   smell   and   experience   and   see   what   you   like.   A   dilution chart, oil list, and resources list are provided to all who attend. Stress   reduction   and   healing   may   be   just   a   few   deep   inhalations   away.   Come   learn   about   the   easily   accessible   and usable resource of essential oils! What   makes   this   class   different:   I’m   sure   many   of   you   have   seen   or   been   invited   to   oil   parties   or   classes   of   some   sort. The   difference   in   this   class   is   the   instructor   and   her   training.   Christi   Trimble   is   currenly   enrolled   at   American   College   of Healthcare   Sciences   working   on   a   Master   of   Aromatherapy   degree.   She   has   no   brand   affiliation   and   a   deep   interest   in Clinical   Aromatherapy.   She   presents   oils   from   a   clinical   science   based   background   with   a   mind   for   safety   while   keeping essential   oils   accessible   for   all.   Christi   is   also   completed   her   certification   requirements   at   ACHS   to   become   a   Holistic Health Practitioner.