Essential Oil Safety & Dilution Chart Dilution   of   essential   oils   for   topical   use   of   oils   is   very   important   for   the   safety   of   the   user.   The   dilution   ratio   used depends   greatly   on   the   age   of   the   person,   the   condition   of   their   health,   and   the   specific   oil   used.   The   chart   below contains   suggested   ratios.   Please   keep   in   mind   that   newborn   babies   have   limited   liver   function   (since   the   placenta   was previously   doing   all   the   work),   neonatal   skin   does   not   mature   until   3   months   of   age,   and   that   toddlers   and   infants have   a   lower   metabolic   capacity   and   are   less   equipped   to   deal   with   adverse   effects   of   improper   EO   use.   Excessive   use of EOs can cause sensitization, be sure to use the proper ratio and do not use for extended periods of time. Some EOs can interact with prescription and over the counter drugs. Please look up contraindications of the oils you wish to use before proceeding. Ingestion of oils should only be done under the supervision and guidance of a Registered Aromatherapist (RA) or Doctor. Some practitioners also suggest that EOs should only be used for those ages 2 and up. Do some research and make your own educated decisions for your family. Carrier   Oils:   To   dilute   EOs   they   should   be   mixed   with   a   carrier   oil.   There   are   many   options   out   there,   here   are   a   few   of the more common options. *Do not use a nut based oil for anyone with any nut allergies. Sweet Almond Oil ~ Avocado Oil ~ Coconut Oil ~ Aloe Vera Oil ~ Wheat Germ Oil Argan Oil ~ Jojoba Oil ~ Sunflower Oil ~ Rose Hip Oil ~ Evening Primrose Oil *Safety   Tips:   EOs   are   best   used   as   short-term   assistance   for   temporary   issues.   Anyone   who   is   sick   or   frail   should   not use   the   full   ratio   for   their   age   due   to   their   compromised   system.   Some   oils   are   not   recommended   for   certain   ages   or those   with   certain   allergies.   If   you   plan   to   make   EOs   a   regular   part   of   your   household   please   get   a   great   safety resource   book,   like   Robert   Tisserand’s   Essential   Oil   Safety .   Some   oils   have   a   ‘low   therapeutic   margin’   meaning   there   is   a small   difference   between   a   helpful   amount   and   a   harmful   amount.   Get   a   good   safety   resource   and   educate   yourself before   using   new   oils.   If   your   child   gets   into   your   EOs   please   call   Poison   Control   immediately,   especially   if   any   are ingested.   Ingesting   a   5ml   bottle   of   some   oils   can   be   fatal,   especially   for   young   children.   Keep   EOs   out   of   and   away from the eyes. Storage Tips: Safety of oils also depends on correct storage of EOs and carrier oils to avoid degradation. Oxidation and degradation can progress quickly when they are stored in unfavorable conditions. EOs should always be in brown or cobalt glass containers. EOs and Carrier Oils should be kept in airtight containers at cool temperatures, protected from sunlight and heat.
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