I also have to give a shout out to the baby wearing daddies out there. Has a man ever looked more handsome?! Ok, maybe just as handsome while cooking dinner and cleaning the dishes. But I’d gladly do those chores while he babywears for me to stare at :)


Babywearing   is   a   topic   that   I   am   very   passionate   about.   I   have   worn both   of   my   kids   and   as   a   busy   work   at   home   mom   I   have   no   idea   how I   would   have   survived   without   it.   It’s   gotten   us   through   many   flights, countless   hours   in   Target   and   other   stores,   many   cranky   nights   and teething   episodes.   Words   can’t   describe   the   feeling   of   skin   to   skin time   with   a   tiny   sleeping   baby   nuzzled   into   your   chest.   Maybe   one word   can,   love.   The   bonding   with   baby,   the   satisfaction   in   the   security you   can   give   them,   and   the   two   free   hands   are   some   of   the   best rewards.   The   benefits    to   baby   when   you   babywear   are   also   awesome, see the infographic to the right. As   part   of   my   practice   I   include   Babywearing   101   in   my   postpartum visit   to   help   you   get   rolling   (or   wrapping)   if   you   are   interested.   The world   of   babywearing   is   as   wide   as   you   want   it   to   be.   Just   want   to wear   your   squish   in   a   stretchy   wrap   like   a   Moby   while   they   are   very little,   that’s   cool.   Want   to   wear   your   kid   with   woven   wraps,   mei   tai’s, ring   slings,   or   soft   sided   carriers   (SSC)?   I   can   help   with   that   as   well. Outside   of   me   getting   you   started   you   have   a   great   local   resource   in the    Colorado    Springs    chapter    of    Babywearing    International.    These parents   meet   twice   a   month   and   Babywearing   Educators   are   available to   help   you   try   on   things   from   their   ‘library’   of   babywearing   options.   If you   become   a   member   you   can   even   rent   things   from   the   library   and try   before   you   buy!   Wraps   and   carries   range   in   price   from   about   $30 to   over   a   thousand.   The   key   is   finding   what   you   like    to   use   with   baby. Some   moms   even   forgo   the   typical   stroller   on   the   baby   registry   and just get some kind of carrier. There   are   online   babywearing   &   wrap   swaps   on   Facebook   that   you can   join   to   find   what   you   need.   Sometimes   we   need   to   change   things up   or   ‘churn’   our   ‘stash’   so   swapping   for   something   else   is   a   great option,   as   is   selling   your   carrier   so   that   you   can   afford   or   upgrade   to another.   There   are   also   babywearing   support   groups   for   you   to   ask questions   and   post   photos   to   ask   for   help.   Everyday   Babywearing   on Facebook   is   run   by   Galen   Duffy   of   our   Colorado   Springs   chapter   of Babywearing International and it’s a great resource! Below are some links to my favorite babywearing sites to get you started down the rabbit hole... Wearing Instructions & Resources Babywearing International Colorado Springs Chapter  Everyday Babywearing The Babywearer Slingofest.com Babywearing Faith - Lots of how-to videos Woven Wrap Database - what’s been made when, weights & photos Some Woven Wrap Brands Pavo - USA Oscha - UK Didymos - Germany Lenny Lamb - Poland Girasol - Guatemala Uppymama - Canada Natibaby - Poland Kokadi - Germany Soft-Sided Carriers (SSCs) Ergo Tula Kinderpack Boba
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