But do the Benefits Justify the Cost?

To   many   moms   and   families   the   answer   is   Yes.   But   you   and   your   partner   need   to   discuss   and   decide   that   for yourselves.   Can   you   put   a   price   on   stress   reduction?   Can   you   put   a   price   on   joyful   birthing   memories?   Can   you   put   a price   on   the   many   hours   of   research   your   doula   can   save   you   by   giving   you   go-to   evidence   based   information   related to   all   of   your   questions?   Have   you   calculated   the   extra   fees   you   could   receive   on   your   hospital   bill   if   you   end   up needing   a   cesarean   or   other   birth   interventions?   How   do   those   costs   compare   to   hiring   a   doula   that   can   reduce   your risk of needing those medical interventions? On   financial   analyst   Suze   Orman’s   show   Can   I   Afford   It?    she   covered   doulas   one   day   when   a   caller   asked    if   she   could afford a doula. Suze’s response was ‘You cannot afford to not get a doula, it is a need not a want.’ If   you   are   thinking   about   breastfeeding   keep   this   in   mind   -   since   it’s   been   proven   in   a   2009   study   in   the   Journal   of Obstetric,   Gynecologic,   and   Neonatal   Nursing ,   that   doula   assisted   mothers   are   more   likely   to   have   milk   in   within   72 hours   of   birth   and   to   still   be   breastfeeding   at   six   weeks   postpartum   you   are   likely   to   save   money   on   formula.   Since   the cost of formula for a baby can run from $600-$2,000+ a year that right there could cover the cost of your doula. You   can   absolutely   have   a   baby   without   the   support   of   a   doula.   But   if   mom   or   her   partner   are   fearful   of   the   process,   if the   partner   may   not   be   able   to   provide   the   support   role   mom   desires,   and   if   either   or   both   would   feel   more   secure and   confident   enough   to   travel   this   journey   with   the   guidance   and   support   of   someone   like   a   doula   please   try   to   hire one. Most doulas will work with families to create payment plan options and some doulas may even barter services.

The Benefits of Hiring a Doula

There   are   so   many   benefits   available   to   moms   and   families   by   hiring   a   doula.   Since   no   two   moms   or   families   are   the same   what   you   perceive   as   benefits,   or   the   biggest   benefits,   will   vary   from   others.   Below   is   a   list   of   some   benefits mom   and   family   may   experience   by   hiring   a   doula.   ‘Continuous   support   during   labour   has   clinically   meaningful benefits for women and infants and no known harm. All women should have support throughout labour and birth.’ 2 Doula-supported   women   have   almost   60%   lower   odds   of   cesarean   compared   to   those   without   doula   support. This   study   also   concluded   that   the   most   effective   continuous   support   for   a   woman   in   labor   was   when   the provider was not hospital staff and not someone from the woman’s social network of family or friends. 1 Women   with   continuous   support,   like   that   of   a   doula,   were   less   likely   to   have   analgesia   (pain   relief),   27%   less likely   to   report   dissatisfaction   with   their   birth   experience,   and   their   labors   were   shorter.   Doula   support   was   also linked in the study to better 5 minute Apgar scores in babies. 2 According   to   a   2009   study   in   the   Journal   of   Obstetric,   Gynecologic,   and   Neonatal   Nursing,   moms   who   hire doulas   are   more   likely   to   have   their   breast   milk   come   in   within   72   hours   after   delivery   and   are   more   likely   to still   be   breastfeeding   at   six   weeks.   According   to   the   American   Academy   of   Pediatrics   women   who   breastfeed are also less likely to have prolonged postpartum bleeding after birth. According   to   the   1999   study   in   the   Journal   of   Women's   Health   and   Gender   Based   Medicine,   women   who   have continuous support from doulas are less likely to experience postpartum depression.
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