Bereavement Services

If   you   are   miscarrying   right   now,   or   have   just   found   out   that   when   your   pregnancy   is over   your   baby   will   likely   not   survive,   please   know   that   there   is   support   available   to you.   I   am   so   very   sorry.    You   do   not   have   to   walk   this   alone,   I   am   here   if   you   need   my support. As     a     Stillbirthday      Birth     &     Bereavement     Doula®     I     am     trained     in     birth     and bereavement   services,   including   birth   in   any   trimester   with   any   outcome   and   finding healing    after    a    loss.    From    Stillbirthday    -    The    mission    of    the    stillbirthday    global network   is   to   validate   a   pregnancy   loss   as   the   birth,   and   death,   that   it   is,   and   to   fill   the chasm   between   the   moment   darkness   falls   and   when   resources   are   discovered.   We   do   this   in   part   through   free   online materials   including   printable   birth   plans,   and   through   our   comprehensive   doula   training,   preparing   doulas   to   support families   in   person   prior   to,   during,   and   after   birth   in   any   outcome   and   in   any   trimester.   We   aim   to   come   alongside families   from   the   very   beginning   of   their   parenting   journey,   whether   through   rearing   or   grieving,   and   provide   support for their journey. The stillbirthday global network is a part of Christian Childbirth Services LLC. If you are in need of support please contact me and then Start Here. Many other resources are available for you below.

Bereavement Resources

Support Groups & Resources o Angel Eyes - Colorado Child Loss Awareness o Colorado Pregnancy & Newborn Loss o o o MISS Foundation o National SHARE Office - Infant & Pregnancy Loss Support, Inc. o Infants Remembered in Silence, Inc. o Pregnancy Loss and Infant Death Alliance o Grieving Dads o Griefshare - a dozen different meeting groups in the the springs & email support o Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep o Rowan Tree Foundation o ASAP Coalition – Action for Stillbirth Awareness & Prevention Coalition o Babies Remembered o When Your Baby Dies o Still Standing Magazine – Surviving Child Loss and Infertility Funeral Homes in Colorado Springs o Funeral Consulting Services o Cappadona Funeral Home o Shrine of the Remembrance o Swan-Law Funeral Directors Options for ashes, baby hair, placenta/cord keepsakes Beyond the Willow Tree - keepsake jewelry Cremation Solutions - Diamonds and other Jewelry from ashed Ollie & Jai Designs - keepsake jewelry Artful Ashes - keepsakes from ashes Anna’s Preemie – local shop that makes outfits for preemies & NICU babies Self Care & Wellness o Acupuncture Academy Acupuncture Clinic Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Nawei’s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Rona’s Acupuncture Clinic Springs Community Acupuncture o Craniosacral Therapy Emily Martin o Chiropractors Active Chiropractic Wellness Center Atlas Chiropractic Align for Life Chiropractic o Fitness - Fit4Mom & Stroller Strides o Naturopaths - o Massage Therapists Keith Roberts Emily Martin Post-Partum Depression - Local Hospitals o Evans Army Community Hospital o Memorial Hospital o Penrose-St.Francis Medical Center o Children’s Hospital Colorado Midwives o Springs Midwifery and Women’s Care, LLC o Mountain Miracles Midwifery, LLC o Colorado Midwives o Blue Columbine Birth o Birth Matters Midwifery o Empowered Mama LLC o Holistic Homebirth LLC
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