Christi Trimble, SBD, APPAC, HHP, Dip. Aroma

Thank you for visiting Luminosa Wellness & Birth Services. My name is Christi Trimble and I’d like to welcome you to wellness! I’m   a   life   long   learner   who   is   always   reading   and   researching   new   things.   As a   mother   of   two   I   find   there   is   a   never   ending   flow   of   questions   involved   in growing,   birthing,   and   raising   a   child.   I   have   a   deep   passion   for   all   things nutrition,   pregnancy,   and   birth   related   and   enjoy   helping   others   find   their power in navigating those parts of life. My    passion    for    birth/pregnancy,    placentas,    aromatherapy,    and    holistic wellness   began   at   an   early   age.   I   have   been   an   avid   horseback   rider   since 8th   grade   and   my   first   experiences   with   birth,   pregnancy,   and   placentas   came   from   my   time   with horses.   I   worked   for   a   breeding   operation,   have   helped   with   foaling,   and   even   brought   a   horse placenta   into   my   high   school   Honors   Anatomy   &   Physiology   class   and   gave   a   demo   on   it.   My   first   dip into   nutrition   came   from   horse   feed   and   dog   food   products.   Selecting   the   right   brands   with   the necessary   nutrient   profiles   for   the   animals   and   using   trial   and   error   to   get   it   right   each   time.   I’ve   been infatuated with it all ever since. In   high   school   I   was   introduced   to   reiki   and   discovered   the   concepts   of   ‘chi’   and   chakras   while   earning my   Reiki   Level   I   certification.   I   was   hooked!   Over   the   next   10   years   I   dabbled   in   various   modalities   and tried   quite   a   few   complementary   alternative   medicine   treatments.   In   college   I   earned   a   Bachelor   of the   Arts   in   Art   History,   graduating   with   program   honors,   from   Richard   Stockton   College   of   New   Jersey.     A   couple   years   after   college   a   friend   introduced   me   to   my   future   husband.   Less   than   a   year   later   we were   married   and   I   was   an   Army   wife   getting   ready   for   our   first   PCS   (aka   move   to   a   new   duty   station). About   5   months   later   we   decided   to   ‘pull   the   goalie’   and   figured   whenever   we   got   pregnant   was   ok with   us.   Turns   out   10+   years   of   being   on   the   pill   means   your   cycle   doesn’t   come   back   very   easily.   I worried   I   was   infertile,   I   tried   natural   family   planning   tracking,   read   a   variety   of   fertility   books,   tried fertility   yoga,   and   then   a   few   months   later   believed   I   might   be   pregnant.   Sure   enough   the   test   read positive!   But   several   weeks   later   my   body   decided   now   was   not   the   time.   After   that   experience   I   tried acupuncture,   part   for   the   healing   and   part   to   get   my   cycle   on   track   again.   About   a   month   later,   while moving to our new home across the country, I found out I was pregnant. During   two   of   my   pregnancies   I   was   diagnosed   with   Gestational   Diabetes.   In   my   first   pregnancy   I relied   on   oral   meds   to   control   the   issue   and   was   blessed   to   still   have   the   all   natural   birth   I   wanted. Looking   back   it’s   quite   a   blessing   I   was   able   to,   I   gained   80   pounds   that   pregnancy   and   even   after baby   came   I   was   in   the   obese   category   for   weight.   I   tried   all   the   normal   yo-yo   diet,   fad   diet,   juice   diet, etc   and   over   3   years   only   managed   to   loose   40   pounds.   In   my   second   pregnancy   I   decided   I   wanted to   do   better   and   I   didn’t   want   to   rely   on   medications   so   much.   I   was   already   starting   out   very overweight   and   wanted   to   keep   the   pregnancy   gain   down   to   a   healthy   minimum.   During   this   time   I found   Paleo   and   we   forever   changed   the   way   we   eat   in   our   household.   I   was   able   to   control   my gestational   diabetes   mostly   through   diet,   and   took   1/6   of   the   daily   medication   I   had   the   previous pregnancy.   I   only   gained   18   pounds   and   was   once   again   blessed   to   experience   the   natural   childbirth   I wanted and worked for. After   baby   #2   I   stuck   to   all   my   new   nutritional   learning,   and   then   incorporated   exercise.   When   baby was   over   a   year   old   I   had   been   able   to   keep   up   breastfeeding   while   losing   50   pounds.   I   battled   some postpartum   depression   after   my   first   two   pregnancies,   struggled   a   lot   with   breastfeeding   after   the first.   I   finally   became   successful   with   breastfeeding   my   second   and   have   a   few   things   I’d   do   differently with   every   pregnancies   and   births   if   I   could   do   it   again.   I   have   made   peace   with   where   I’ve   been,   and now have a clear vision of where I’m headed. I’m not perfect, but I’m progressive. Baby   #3   was   a   game   changer!   I   still   started   out   a   bit   overweight,   but   15   pounds   less   than   then   I   got pregnant   with   #2.   This   pregnancy   I   only   gained   15   pounds   and   was   back   to   my   pre-baby   weight within   a   week   of   birth.   I   also   was   able   to   keep   Gestational   Diabetes   at   bay   with   proper   nutrition, sleep,   and   exercise   and   passed   my   3   hour   glucose   test   in   the   third   trimester.   I’m   also   happy   to   report that    I    encapsulated    my    placenta    after    this    pregnancy    and    have    also    kept    prior    postpartum depression   at   bay   as   well.   It’s   been   a   big   game   changer   for   my   personal   postpartum   health   compared to   my   prior   pregnancies.   Now   I’m   just   focused   on   a   healthier   me,   keeping   up   with   breastfeeding,   and keeping my family happy and healthy. Over   the   last   five   years   I   have   been   on   a   path   dedicated   to   learning   and   wellness,   for   myself   and   my family.   I   feel   a   true   calling   to   aromatherapy,   nutrition,   pregnancy,   and   birth   studies.   I   decided   to   go back   to   school   and   have   finished   my   degree   as   a   Holistic   Health   Practitioner   &   Certified   Holistic Nutritionist.   In   2017   I   finished   an   advanced   level   Diploma   in   Aromatherapy   to   become   a   Master Aromatherapist   at   the   American   College   of   Healthcare   Sciences.   I’m   very   proud   of   my   work   in   this 400+ hour Level III Clinical Aromatherapy program. I   bring   a   very   well   rounded   set   of   skills   and   knowledge   to   the   table   for   wellness   counseling   and   birth services.   My   quest   for   learning   is   never   ending   and   I   will   continue   to   add   new   credentials   and learning backgrounds to my resume to better serve my clients. Outside   of   my   family   time   and   educational   &   business   pursuits   I   do   try   to   make   time   for   fun   and relaxation.    I    am    a    member    of    the    DAR    (Daughters    of    the    American    Revolution)    and    an    avid genealogist.   I   also   have   a   Border   Terrier   that   I   show   in   AKC   Conformation   &   Earthdog   events.   He earned    his    Championship    title    in    just    3    weekends    out    in    2014    and    we    are    now    after    a    Grand Championship title.
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