Inspired   by   the   Italian   word   luminoso   for   bright,   Luminosa   is   about   living   the   brightest   life   you   can. Through    prenatal/pregnancy/postpartum    support,    aromatherapy,    holistic    wellness,    and    holistic nutrition   you   too   can   live   your   brightest   life.   May   your   inner   shine   radiate   and   spread   luminescence to all those around you, inspiring them to live their brightest life as well. ‘You always had the power my dear, you just had to learn it for yourself.’ - Glinda, The Wizard of Oz Luminosa    Wellness    &    Birth    Services    offers    Birth    &    Bereavement    Doula®    services,    Placenta    Arts Services,   holistic   nutrition   and   health   counseling,   and   aromatherapy   services.   It’s   time   to   discover your    personal    yellow    brick    road    to    wellness.    Brick    by    brick    we    take    your    personal    history    into consideration and begin to pave the road for your future in wellness. In-person   counseling   and   services   are   available   for   Colorado   Springs,   Colorado   and   the   surrounding areas.   Online   counseling   and   fertility,   pre-natal,   or   birth   plan   development   services   are   available   for the rest of the world. Please check out the links above to see details regarding the services offered. Have   you   seen   the   article   from   The   Gazette   in   Colorado   Springs   about   placenta   encapsulation   which featured Luminosa Wellness? If not, check it out !
Luminous - (lum-in-ous) adjective radiating or reflecting light; shining; glowing  -  exhibiting luminescence full of light; well-lit  -  enlightening or wise
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