Placenta Encapsulation Benefits & Questions

Placenta Encapsulation is still fairly new to most Americans. There are a number of common questions that seem to come up. If you have any additional questions let me know! Can placenta encapsulation really help with my milk supply? Yes! It contains lactogogues which help promote milk production. In that study 86% of the women consuming placenta experienced an increase in their milk production. “Powdered Placenta Hominis was used for 57 cases of insufficient lactation. Within 4 days, 48 women had markedly increased milk production, with the remainder following suit over the next three days.” Bensky/Gamble. 1997. Materia Medica, Eastland Press, 549. So other than milk production what are the benefits to consuming my placenta? Reduced Risk of Anemia - study shows consumption of the iron-rich placenta ‘increased the platelet and enhanced the hemoglobin concentration in several months of therapy accompanied by a dramatic improvement in quality of life.’ Iron deficiency has also been found to affect postpartum emotions and cognition. Vitamins B12 and B6 (Fight Fatigue and Depression) - Since we know that the placenta helps provide baby with B12 and B6, and that B6 helps to process B12 and assists in making serotonin (which helps to stabilize mood and alleviate depression), these are important vitamins to take back in during the postpartum time and reduce the risk of postpartum depression. Oxytocin in the placenta for assistance with wound healing (aka tearing or stitches) and promoting/enhancing the bonding with baby and maternal instincts, while promoting uterine muscle contractions and easing the lochia phase. Natural Pain Relief through POEF (Placental Opioid-Enhancing Factor). Since the placenta contains these molecules at birth consumption of them in postpartum gives the benefit of enhancing the endogenous opioids produced in the body after birth. Adrenal Function - A study found dehydrated placenta to be high in the minerals sodium, potassium and phosphorus. Sodium helps regulate fluid movement between cells, no surprise there is a lot of it in a placenta. Low blood sodium can result in under-active adrenals. Potassium is a big part of red blood cell makeup. Low potassium can result in overactive adrenals or anemia. Phosphorus is important for ATP, glucose metabolism and digestive function. Low phosphorus levels can be an indicator of liver dysfunction, low ovarian function, or protein deficiency. Placenta consumption may even help with reducing bone loss and liver regeneration. I heard there are different ways to process the placenta. Is that true? Yes  there are two main methods of preparation for encapsulation. Some professionals offer both while others specialize in a single method. The Raw method is the most potent because it is not steamed before dehydration. These pills will last approximately one year in the freezer. The Traditional Chinese Method is less potent but can be stored for an indefinite amount of time, when stored properly. Are any other ingredients in the placenta capsules? At Luminosa Wellness we use empty vegetable cellulose  or gelatin capsules only.  No herbs, essential oils, or other ingredients are ever added. Traditional Chinese Medicine preparation includes steaming the placenta with lemon (for grounding), ginger (for circulation) and chilli (for heat), provided that the mother does not have any allergies to those. Can I keep my placenta after birth and decide to have it encapsulated later? Absolutely! However, there are storage requirements to keep the placenta suitable for encapsulation. Please contact us to learn more about how to keep your placenta safe while you are deciding. The sooner you use it the better, especially since it can help greatly in the weeks just following childbirth. Generally it can be kept in the freezer for up to  year and still retain benefits associated with consumption. Are there any circumstances where it would not be possible to use the placenta for encapsulation or other remedies? Yes, occasionally your doctor will need to send the placenta to pathology for review. In some cases they just need a piece and you can keep the rest, but it depends on the issue and the hospital policy. if your placenta has not been stored properly after birth if should not be used for encapsulation. Group B strep bacteria in the placenta is killed during the steaming process, so raw preparation can’t be used if you test positive for that. If you have the following diseases: HIV, Gonorrhea, Syphilis, Chlamydia or Hepatitis B, or C you should not use your placenta for consumption or remedies of any kind. If you have any of these diseases the hospital typically will not even release your placenta to you. If I'm doing delayed cord clamping can I still have the placenta encapsulated or used for remedies? Yes! More families are choosing delayed cord clamping due to the benefits for baby. Delayed cord clamping does not affect the ability to have your placenta encapsulated. I heard placenta encapsulation isn’t regulated by anyone. How do I know this is a safe process? It is correct that there is no official regulation of placenta encapsulation in the United States. However, there are plenty of professional standards in place at this time. Several schools of training are available. They range from quick online courses, to in person over a long weekend, and others that require months of study. Another industry standard these days is an OSHA Blood-borne Pathogen training, as well as a Food Safety course typically taken through your state/county. When looking for a professional to encapsulate your placenta please ask them about their training/certifying body and if they have taken and passed the OSHA Blood-borne Pathogen training and a Food Safety course valid in your state/county. If you are cooking and steaming it doesn’t that destroy the hormones and nutrients? The dehydration process is done to remove water only. The temperature during dehydration is high enough to remove water, but not high enough to cook the placenta. Steaming done at the appropriate temperature for the appropriate length of time is also safe in regards to retention of beneficial hormones and nutrients. Another reason to use a trained professional that is knowledgeable regarding these specific parameters. One study suggests that ‘the amount of nutrients particularly protein and minerals in heat-dried human placentas (are) enriched’ compared to their raw state. If the placenta is a filter why would I want to eat something that holds on to pesticides and toxins? Yes, the placenta is a filter for baby. It's basically their liver while they are in the womb. But the blood is the detox method that takes things away, then mom's liver or kidneys or urinary system remove them from the body. The placenta is not a storage organ, it’s a transfer station. The placenta helps exchange gases and nutrients between mom and baby, the blood takes away the old and brings the new. Mom and Baby's blood vessels never touch and the blood doesn't mix, that's part of how a mom can be A blood type and baby can still come out AB or O. There are 6 methods of detox for the body: skin, lymph system, lungs, liver, urinary system, and the digestive system. Their jobs are to expel anything the body does not need and they work together to do so. If this is a concern mom should be extra careful about her intake of things that can cause excess amounts of toxins, like heavy metals, BPA or pesticides. I have a latex allergy. Can you still help me? Absolutely! I only use latex-free gloves throughout the services I offer and the cleanup and sanitization of the workspace as well. For more information on the benefits of Placenta Encapsulation, check out or the Independent Placenta Encapsulation Network.
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