Placenta Encapsulation Testimonials

I strive to offer my clients professional service they can trust. I always want to be a valued resource during postpartum and while they are taking placenta. Below are a few testimonials from past clients. If you want to chat with a mom who is a past client to ask about my services or her experience using her placenta just let me know! Choosing to encapsulate my placenta was one of the best decisions I made for myself during my pregnancy. I was referred to Christi through an acquaintance, and after speaking with her, I felt comfortable and knew I would be in good hands. Christi picked up my placenta straight from my house the day I was discharged from hospital, and got it back to me immediately after processing - I was pleasantly surprised at how fast and efficient she was. She even made a tincture for me out of the extra at no additional cost because my placenta was small and did not yield many capsules. Taking the placenta in the months after I gave birth to my son was a lifsaver. It elevated my mood, gave me extra energy, and helped me battle mild baby blues - what could have turned into post partum depression. As a first time mom, being super nervous about EVERYTHING, Christi was so professional, sweet, and helpful, clearly making me her priority. I would use her again in a heartbeat.  ~  C.P. I had heard of the benefits of consuming your placenta but was unsure of how to or whether I would be able to....gross to think about. Christi was so informative, helped me decide what options were best for me, and went above and beyond picking up the placenta and quickly delivering it back to me. I completely trusted her.  I'm so thankful I decided to encapsulate. Didn't taste or smell anything. My milk supply was a plenty, I avoided baby blues, and I'm convinced it helped me recover after delivery. I will absolutely do this again for the next baby! Thank you Christi for your knowledge, support and great service! I HIGHLY recommend this to every mommy!   ~  K.S., DC Christi gets the job done in timely manner and goes above what is expected when it comes to the quality of the storage of your placenta and the presentation of the umbilical cord. Another added bonus is the option to have the placenta in a variety of flavored capsules.  ~  P.G. Christi was very professional, friendly, and thorough helping me understand the process and making this easy and very fun process! HIGHLY recommend!  ~  M.R.
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