Professional Placenta Encapsulation Standards

Why Choose Luminosa Professional Placenta Encapsulation Standards - APPA Providers are required to uphold the highest possible standards in their professional competence, business practices, quality of services, and personal integrity. The placenta encapsulation services in the US are not monitored or regulated and no particular training is required. Some encapsulators even learn via youtube. While I’m all for self education in some areas I want to provide the highest level of service for my clients. After reviewing the certification programs out there the APPA Standards, in my opinion, are the best of the best. Professional Accountability - My training involved peer review of all work and client satisfaction surveys. To maintain membership with APPA I have to submit 3 yearly client surveys. The APPA Board doesn’t just read the surveys, they actually call clients to verify the testimonials and ask additional questions about my service. Sanitation - I’ve taken and passed the only International OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen course created specifically for Placenta Encapsulators. Not all courses are created equal and I wanted the best so that I can offer clients the best. Additionally, I have passed a Food Handler Safety course valid in El Paso County, CO. Cleanliness is next to Godliness, and that certainly holds true for Placenta Encapsulation as well. All placentas are processed in my dedicated workspace, not my kitchen. The only time I process in a personal kitchen is at a client’s home by request. Education - My education was well rounded and included the history of the placenta, placenta traditions, respecting the placenta, pregnancy/placenta hormones and how they work in the body, postpartum issues, placenta anatomy & physiology, placenta processing, and more. Training and education didn’t end when I completed my APPA coursework. Continuing skills practice and placenta-related research and learning are part of my weekly business practices. Respect - Client information is held in the strictest of confidence to ensure privacy. I respect your valuable time and pledge my reliability for any agreed upon services. In addition, your placenta will be treated with the utmost respect it deserves. If you request my pickup and drop-off to be quiet and ‘under the radar’ I am happy to respect and accommodate that request. Trust - It is extremely important that you trust your placenta encapsulator. The placenta is a very special organ and should be handled respectifully, properly and safely. Proper refrigeration during transportation and storage are critical to keep bacteria from colonizing and I have strict guidelines I always adhere to. I only process one placenta at a time to ensure safety and quality, and I always use universal precautions during processing, no matter if I’m processing in my home or yours. It’s important to me that I build and maintain client trust by adhering to my professional and safety standards. If you have any questions at any time I am always available to you. Choice - I believe in maintaining a mother’s choice in where her placenta is prepared and how it is transported. The smell of a dehydrating placenta can be off-putting, and with it taking over 12 hours to dehydrate that’s a long time to smell something. The birth of a baby is typically a busy time. Some moms are in a hurry to begin taking their placenta pills, rightfully so considering the benefits, and I don’t want to hold you up by requiring access to your home. I typically have the ability to pick up the placenta shortly after birth and return capsules to you before you are even released from the hospital. I respect that some mothers are choosing placenta encapsulation while some friends or family may not be supportive of this plan. I am able to process in my dedicated workspace and keep the drop-off of your capsules a quiet and private event so others are none the wiser. However, if you are fascinated and want to know the process, or feel more comfortable transporting your placenta and having me process it in your own home I am happy to accommodate that. I want to do whatever is most convenient for mom and her family as I feel it’s important to reduce any possible stresses postpartum. I am the only Certified APPA Placenta Encapsulation Specialist in Colorado Springs, I have successfully completed a Food Safety Handler course valid in El Paso County, CO, and completed an International OSHA approved Bloodborne Pathogen course created specifically for APPA Placenta Encapsulators in accordance with OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens Standard 29  CFR 1090.1030. I decided to train through APPA for my placenta arts certification over all the other options out there. I felt they offered the most in their program setup and education background, and I liked that it was much more in-depth than a quick weekend course. The course is designed to take months of study to complete and raise the standards and professionalism for those of us involved in placenta arts. APPA is not simply a means to certification. APPA is, first and foremost, a resource for accurate, up-to-date, internationally transferable information. The ladies who started APPA are the pioneers of placenta encapsulation and I’m honored to have trained through their organization. Their dedication to the art and science of placentas and encapsulation aligned perfectly with my anatomy & physiology geeky heart. My first experience with placentas was in high school working with a horse breeding operation. I even brought a horse placenta into my Honors Anatomy & Physiology class to give a demo to my class for extra credit. Ever since then I’ve been hooked on the placenta love and the science of them. Here is a great article on picking an encapsulator from Cindy Collins of Euphoric Birth and another great article on selecting the location your placenta is prepared. I offer processing services in your home or my dedicated workspace, which ever is your preference. At either location I use universal precautions and adhere to strict OSHA sanitation and sterilization guidelines. Signing a contract and getting your deposit in assures my availability to you. This step is imperative as I only process one placenta in my workspace at a time and schedule my calendar availability accordingly. I have a dedicated placenta fridge and freezer and dedicated placenta transportation coolers appropriately marked with biohazard and storage/transportation instructions.
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