Professional Placenta Encapsulation Services

Christi Trimble is an APPA Certified Placenta Arts Specialist who works within OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Standards to provide clients with Professional Placenta Encapsulation Services. All placentas are processed in her dedicated work room (not in her home kitchen) or in the client’s home if they prefer. The average turnaround time is 23 hours and finished capsules are guaranteed within 48 hours of pickup. Luminosa Placenta Encapsulation Package - Includes pickup/drop-off within Colorado Springs, your choice of TCM or Raw preparation methods and gelatin or vegan capsules; a cord keepsake, and Guide to Your Placenta booklet. The capsules are placed in a reusable amber glass jar with removable label. I also help you coordinate placenta release from local hospitals if needed and am available anytime before and after for questions and support. Service is done following an extensive sanitation and safety protocol in my dedicated placenta work space, not my home kitchen. However, it can be done in your home kitchen if you prefer and I would provide you with proper storage and transportation instructions. A small travel fee for locations outside the local Colorado Springs area applies, contact me for details and verification.

Available Add-On Options

Flavored Capsules - $5 - Your choice of Berry, Strawberry, or Bubblegum. These opaque gelatin capsules will cover the sight and possible smell of the placenta making them more palatable for some. Placenta Tincture - $20/2oz or $30/4oz - Includes proper storage and dosage instructions. Having a tincture made from your placenta is a great way to retain the benefits the placenta offers for years after you run out of capsules. A small portion of your raw placenta is prepared and infused in alcohol for six weeks. It will be delivered in a 2oz or 4oz amber glass bottle with a dropper along with your placenta capsules. You will need to roll it once every 6 weeks during the infusion phase. Herbal Placenta Salve - $25/4oz or $40/8oz - This 4oz or 8oz salve/balm is made with virgin coconut oil, sweet almond oil, and local Colorado Springs area beeswax. A portion of your processed placenta is infused with the oils along with dried calendula, comfrey, plantain, and lavender to increase the potential healing benefits. The salve can be applied to healed c-section scars, hemorrhoids, perineal tearing, cracked or blistered nipples, sun burn, mild skin irritations, dry skin, and diaper rashes (cloth diaper safe). If any broken skin is actively infected or oozing the salve should not be used until healing has begun. Placenta Print - $10 plain print or $40 for hand painted watercolor print - A placenta print is a unique way to remember your baby’s time and space in the womb. Prior to beginning the encapsulation process the fetal side image is printed directly onto paper to show the intricate and individual characteristics of the placenta. In many ways placentas are like finger prints, no two are the same. This makes for a one of a kind print that is a great artistic addition to your home when framed. I always do more than 1 print and pass all to the client. Be sure to check out this great article on picking an encapsulator from Cindy Collins of Euphoric Birth. I give a 10% discount to all military (active, reserves, or retired) and first responders as a thank you for your service. Payment - I require a $50 deposit to hold your due date in my schedule to be sure that I’m available to you.
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