Postpartum & Child Resources

Below   is   a   great   list   of   resources   that   I   hope   will   help   you   find   answers.   It   is   not   meant   to   be   an   end-all   be-all   list   of resources,   just   a   starter   to   help   put   you   on   the   right   path.   If   you   need   help   navigating   these   resources   or   would   like   to discuss   any   methods   or   options   below   I   am   available   for   postpartum   and   single/multiple   appointment   counseling services. At our postpartum or counseling appointment you will be provided a more expansive list of resources. Postpartum o Postpartum Depression - & More than Just the Blues? Symptoms of PPD from PostpartumProgress Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale & Self-Referral Form PPD Toolkit from the American Academy of Family Physicians MilitaryOneSource Mindful Springs Counseling - Serving Colorado Springs Melissa Bannerot, LSW, LMSW - Serving Colorado Springs Penrose-St. Francis - Women’s Behavioral Health o Colorado Mountain Doulas - Postpartum Doulas serving Colorado Springs o Breastfeeding The Lactation Center at Penrose-St.Francis La Leche League of Colorado o Babywearing Babywearing International Colorado Springs Chapter - The Babywearer o Co-Sleping -  or Dr. Jay Gordon o Cloth Diapering Baby Cotton Bottoms CJ’s Butter - Cloth diaper save booty/body butters & lotions Eco Baby Diaper Service o Jewelry keepsakes - made from breastmilk, baby hair, placenta or umbilical cord Beyond the Willow Tree - keepsake jewelry Ollie & Jai Designs - keepsake jewelry Babies & Children o General Info Ask Dr. Sears Wellness Mama Attachment Parenting Mama Natural Pathways to Family Wellness Magazine o Co-Sleeping Mother-Baby Behavioral Sleep Laboratory (University of Notre Dame) o Circumcision NOCIRC o Education & Reading - Usborne Books o Holistic Pediatric Association o Night weaning/Sleep Schedule - Dr. Jay Gordon, for babies over 12 months of age o SIDS Safety - Toxic Gasses in Crib Mattresses - SIDS Cause Crib Mattress Cover - for SIDS prevention o Vaccines Dr. Sear’s ‘The Vaccine Book’ National Vaccine Information Center Overall Wellness in Colorado Springs o Fitness - Fit4Mom & Stroller Strides o Prenatal Yoga Enso Pranav Yoga Center Yoga with Bea Wilds The Bija Studio o Acupuncture Academy Acupuncture Clinic Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Nawei’s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Rona’s Acupuncture Clinic Springs Community Acupuncture o Craniosacral Therapy Emily Martin o Chiropractors Active Chiropractic Wellness Center Atlas Chiropractic Align for Life Chiropractic o Massage Therapists Keith Roberts Emily Martin o Naturopaths - o Baby Boutiques in Colorado Springs Anna’s Preemie Baby Cotton Bottoms Cloth Diaper Market CJ’s Butter Mountain Moppets Mountain Bows & Clothes
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