Pregnancy & Birth Resources

The   list   below   is   not   meant   as   an   end-all   be-all   set   of   resources.   It   is   a   primer   full   of   helpful   links   to   get   you   started   in the   right   direction.   During   my   prenatal   and   postpartum   appointments   we   review   whatever   topics   you   would   like deeper assistance on, and I provide you with an even more expansive list of resources. Pre-Pregnancy o Fertility Help in Colorado Springs University of Colorado Advanced Reproductive Medicine Chien’s Acupuncture Reproductive Medicine & Fertility Center Blue Skies Center for Women Pregnancy & Birth o Local Hospitals Evans Army Community Hospital Memorial Hospital Penrose-St.Francis Medical Center Children’s Hospital Colorado o Doulas Pikes Peak Regional Doula Association Nurtured in Joy - Sarah Norris o Midwives Springs Midwifery and Women’s Care, LLC Mountain Miracles Midwifery, LLC Colorado Midwives Blue Columbine Birth Birth Matters Midwifery Empowered Mama LLC Holistic Homebirth LLC o Pregnancy & Maternity Care American Pregnancy Association BirthNetwork National (local CS Chapter meets once a month) Mothers Naturally o Placenta Benefits o Childbirth Education Birthing Naturally Lamaze The Bradley Method Mindful Birthing Active Birth o Cord Blood Banking The Cord Blood Center Lifebank USA - Be sure to tell them I sent you :) o Cesarean and VBAC International Cesarean Awareness Network Overall Wellness in Colorado Springs o Fitness - Fit4Mom & Stroller Strides o Prenatal Yoga Enso Pranav Yoga Center Yoga with Bea Wilds The Bija Studio o Acupuncture Academy Acupuncture Clinic Chinese Acupuncture Clinic Nawei’s Acupuncture & Chinese Herbal Medicine Rona’s Acupuncture Clinic Springs Community Acupuncture o Craniosacral Therapy Emily Martin o Chiropractors Active Chiropractic Wellness Center Atlas Chiropractic Align for Life Chiropractic o Massage Therapists Keith Roberts Emily Martin o Naturopaths - o Baby Boutiques in Colorado Springs Anna’s Preemie Baby Cotton Bottoms Cloth Diaper Market CJ’s Butter Mountain Moppets Mountain Bows & Clothes Postpartum Depression -
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