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BIRTH PLAN ONLY PACKAGE: Just need help wading through all the options and things to think about when creating a birth plan? This package is just for you! We will have one 60-90 minute appointment to review all the items involved in a typical birth plan as well as any special items of interest to you. If you birthing location has a birth plan packet you will need to being that along for reference and discussion. We’ll review pros and cons of choices and options and the appointment will be followed up within 24 hours by an email with links to help you make your final decisions. Once you and your partner have made your decisions you send me back an email and I send you back a finalize typed Visual and text birth plan. The purpose of this planning is to increase mom & partner’s knowledge of the many options they have available to them and allow them to make educated decisions before baby arrives vs on the fly in the delivery room. It will also help determine alternate plans should Plan A for any item not be an option during birthing. BIRTH PLAN PLUS PACKAGE: 3   Prenatal   Meetings   -   For   clients   with   a   fully   devoted   birth   partner   seeking   prenatal   &   birth   plan   guidance.   I   can’t   teach your   partner   to   be   a   doula,   especially   not   in   3   meetings,   and   I   am   not   a   Childbirth   Educator   that   can   teach   you   birthing of   particular   methods.   If   there   is   a   chance   your   partner   may   faint   at   the   sight   of   blood   or   get   weak   in   the   knees   at   any point   you   should   go   with   a   full   Birth   Doula   Package.   I   do   recognize   that   sometimes   a   mom’s   partner   wants   to   be   their only   go-to   person   (which   is   still   absolutely   possible   in   a   full   Birth   Doula   situation)   and   in   some   birth   situations   you   will only   be   allowed   one   special   person   in   your   birthing   room.   This   option   allows   me   to   guide   you   through   evidence   based birth   planning,   help   find   the   answers   to   pregnancy/birth   questions,   provide   expanded   resource   lists   customized   to your   birth   plan   and   goals,   and   help   prepare   your   partner   for   the   role   you   both   have   agreed   that   they   will   fulfill.   My goal   here   is   to   reassure   mom   that   she   really   is   a   birthing   goddess   and   to   help   her   partner   develop   the   skills   and knowledge   in   their   toolbox   to   be   the   dedicated   support   she   needs.   I   also   focus   on   helping   both   sides   communicate   to be sure everyone is on the same page with their expectations, and that those expectations are realistic for all involved. Each   meeting   is   60   minutes   long,   you   will   have   the   option   of   adding   on   additional   single   appointments   if   desired.   Also, you   are   absolutely   allowed   to   change   your   mind   and   upgrade   to   the   full   Birth   Doula   Package!   Any   payments   made   can be   rolled   into   covering   the   Birth   Doula   Package   and   you   would   only   have   to   pay   the   balance   between   the   two.   When upgrading   to   the   full   Birth   Doula   package   the   prenatal   visits   will   be   reduce   to   2,   a   third   may   be   added   at   the   single prenatal rate. Meeting   #1   -   We   will   discuss   your   pregnancy   progress   and   your   ideal   birth   plan,   the   specific   role   your   partner   will fulfill,   and   any   questions   or   concerns   you   have.   After   the   meeting   I   will   email   you   a   custom   resource   list   to   help   you make evidence based decisions while developing your birth plan together. Meeting   #2   -   We   begin   with   discussing   any   concerns   or   decisions   you   and   your   partner   have   made   for   your   birth   plan. Next,   we’ll   discuss   anything   you   have   new   questions   about.   This   is   also   the   time   where   we   will   dig   deeper   into   what your partner’s role will be, and how they can fulfill that. A new resource list will be sent to you after the meeting.   Meeting   #3   -   A   final   get   together   to   review   your   finalized   birth   plan   and   address   any   additional   questions   or   concerns you have with pregnancy, birth, or the role your partner will fulfill for you.   BIRTH DOULA PACKAGE: 2   prenatal   meetings   (60   minutes   each):   At   Meeting   #1   we   will   get   to   know   each   other   a   little   better.   A   client intake   form   will   be   emailed   to   you   prior   to   the   first   meeting   so   we   can   make   the   most   of   our   time   together.   We will   review   points   from   your   client   intake   form   and   begin   a   preliminary   birth   plan   together.   After   the   meeting   I will   email   you   a   custom   resource   list   to   help   you   make   evidence   based   decisions   while   developing   your   birth plan    together.    Meeting    #2    will    involve    finalizing    your    birth    plan,    discussion    of    any    new    concerns,    labor positions,   pain   management   requests,   birthing   support   action   plan,   and   other   birthing   scenario   requests   to make sure we are all on the same page. Additional single prenatal meetings can be added if desired. 24/7 on-call labor support for 1 week before your EDD and one week after. Continuous   support   during   labor   and   delivery   -   emotional,   physical,   and   spiritual   (if   desired)   support.   Moving through   labor   positions,   use   of   my   labor   tools   (as   desired/needed   -   tennis   balls,   rice   bags,   singing   bowl,   energy tuning forks, aromatherapy, reiki, rebozo, and more), initiation of breast feeding as soon as possible. Immediate   postpartum   support   for   1   hour   after   birth:   breastfeeding   help,   swaddle   help,   make   sure   mom   and partner feel safe and secure, and will help mom get rolling on her personal postpartum care. 1   hour   postpartum   visit   at   your   home:   breastfeeding   support,   newborn   care,   babywearing,   debrief   of   labor   and delivery. Visit will be within 8 days of the birth. PAYMENT OPTIONS For   the   Birth   Doula   Package:   I   require   a   $200   deposit   to   hold   space   for   your   due   date,   and   schedule   our   initial meeting.   The   balance   can   be   paid   in   one   lump   sum   or   on   a   payment   plan   that   works   for   you.   Cash,   check   and   Paypal accepted (there is a 2% fee for Paypal payments). For   Prenatal   Only:   You   are   welcome   to   pay   upfront,   or   make   3   payments   (one   at   each   meeting).   Cash,   check   and Paypal accepted (there is a 2% fee for Paypal payments).
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