*Adaptogens: Herbs for Strength, Stamina, and Stress Relief. David Winston and Steven Maimes. Healing Arts Press. Rochester, Vermont. 2007. Disclaimer: Before consuming herbs of any kind consult your doctor, especially if pregnant, nursing, or taking prescription medication of any kind.
I am always looking for ways to work in little self-care things in my daily life, as well as habits that help me to actually do them. Moms are always busy taking are of everyone else, and chronically forgetting to take care of ourselves. Rarely do I have the luxury of blocking out a few hours (or one) to get in a great dry brushing and aromatherapy bath, a short nap, read a good book, or even time to do my nails. Self-care for busy people needs to be easily integrated into daily life and something you can do without thinking about it. I found my personal solution to this in tea. Even if it’s a minute sitting by myself focused on the warm cup in my hand and the aroma swirling through the air it’s a minute I can relax. Combining those minutes with Teamotions organic teas has lead to stress reduction, which helps with so many things in your body. These teas aren’t only about self-care though. They are about helping anyone who needs assistance, they are about helping a person cope for a minute on their journey from Point A to Point B. They are to help you seek peace, have hope, achieve clarity, discover joy, enjoy rest, find strength, and have courage. We don’t want any heart left behind and strive to build relationships with our tea drinkers to support them in whatever their journey is. Teamotions tea is an excellent addition to anyone’s holistic health regimen. Not only are they organic but Teamotions blends are unlike any other. By including adaptogens-herbs that restore balance, boost immunity, and increase the body’s resistance to stress-in every blend their teas help to foster and maintain both emotional and physical well-being. Adaptogens have been used for thousands of years, but it wasn’t until the 1940s when scientists explored the benefits of these natural substances in fighting stress, preventing and reducing illness, maintaining homeostasis, and strengthening the body.  Because their main function is to normalize all systems of the body, adaptogens have limitless benefits and no side effects. Adaptogens are also safe and non- toxic*. Teamotions takes care to blend each tea to be as beautiful and delicious as they are effective. Each cup of tea provides an enjoyable and comforting experience from start to finish. We use only whole leaf tea, whole herbs and botanicals, and only all natural organic flavorings. All of our teas and herbs are inspected by hand in an organic compliant facility, blended by hand in small batches, hand packed into tins and hand labeled with love. We are proud to provide the finest product possible for your enjoyment and well-being. You are welcome to visit the Teamotions website and place an order, but I would love to offer you the opportunity to sample all of the teas. As a Brand Ambassador I do tea tastings for those interested in learning more about the different flavors and their amazing properties. We also have Host Rewards available to those who host a tea tasting! What exactly is a tea tasting though? It’s kind of like a beer flight or wine tasting. We learn a bit about Tea 101, brewing basics, adaptogens, and then sample all the teas and discuss the benefits. I bring the tea, the teapots, cups, the journey maps for exploring the varieties, and clean up when we’re done. All you have to do is make a table and electrical outlet available, invite your friends, and I’ll take care of the rest! Tea tastings make for a great mom’s night-in or afternoon tea. Contact me anytime to learn more about the teas and to schedule a tea tasting.
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