Vaginal Steaming

You may be here because you know what vaginal steaming is all about, but you may just be curious wondering what on earth I’m talking about. It is also referred to as Yoni Steaming in some parts of the world. Here are the basics: What: Herbs + Hot water in a bowl = Herbal Steam Cleanse for your lady-bits. There certainly are some touted health claims with this practice, and it’s hundreds of years old. I haven’t come across any controlled studies, but have run into many anecdotal stories of how this helps women. I believe it to be helpful for a number of bodily functions, fertility and postpartum health most importantly. Like some doctors I say go for it if your gut says it’s worth trying. The herb blends used vary form person to person. It’s important to do some research or contact a local herbalist to make the best selection for you and what you’re trying to get out of vaginal steams. Where: There are a few spas out there that offer this. You may have first heard about vaginal steaming when Gweyth Paltrow discussed the Mugwort V-Steam at Tikkun Spa in LA. However, this is something every easy to do on your own in your home. When: Many women do this monthly as part of holistic self-care, some do it once a week while they are not menstruating. To ease menstruation pains it’s suggested you do it a week prior and possible once a week the two weeks prior. Men sometimes use steams to ease hemorrhoids as well. It is amazing after birth, but shouldn’t be done for at least a week postpartum. You shouldn’t do vaginal steaming if you are pregnant or think you may be. If you have a fever or open sore or blister down there, an internal infection, or an IUD you should NOT do vaginal steams. Why: It can be used for fertility, to ease menstrual pains, ease hemorrhoids, overall balance, and several other possibilities. How: To start you take a mix of dried herbs and place them in a glass or stainless steel bowl. Pour almost boiling water over the herbs and mix through. You want the steam to rise and swirl around your down-under. Some have steaming stools similar to birthing stools while others put the bowl of herbs and water inside a 5 gallon contractor container and use a wooden seat with a large hole to sit on top (similar look to an outhouse). Sitting on the very edge of a chair or couch so only your rump is on the edge can also work. You will want to check the temperate of the steam and make sure you are far enough away from the bowl that the heat isn’t too much. Lastly, you will want to wrap a blanked around your lower half so that the steam is concentrated underneath you, similar to draping a towel over your head when you are breathing over steaming water. Typical time for sitting is between 30-45 minutes. Bedtime is the best time to do a steam. It is suggested that you take the warm blanket around you straight to bed and go to sleep warm so that the herb and steam effects can continue to work with your body.
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